Chanet Ham - CEM, CED, CED+

Production Virtual Live

Chanet HAM is a passionate Event Creator and Producer.  She has earned her reputation by creating amazing events for corporate companies and high net-worth clients for the past 26 years. 

Also, the owner of Xpedition Travel Malaysia that specialized in boutique travel and travel events under the PX DMC Group. Due to the recent Pandemic, the PX Event business has pivoted to virtual and hybrid events consultancy.

Corporate Incentive Events have been her passions for the past two decades, and she never stops there. She shows the organization’s planners on how to leverage the potential of technology with the potential of people.

Clients and planners have widened their lens through her event’s process to see the significance of events and trends outside of their traditional and conventional views. She leads them through the insights and critical eyes of several projects and clients’ experiential need

Endorsed Qualifications:- Certified by the University of Technology, Sydney as Certified Event Manager in 2014. Certified as Festival & Event Management in UTS by Paul Gudgin in 2019.

She completed her Level 1 EDC – CED in Frankfurt and Level 3  Event Design Collective as Certified Event Designer in Amsterdam (UvA).  In June 2020, she has completed her CED+ as a Virtual Coach. Coached by Robbins Research in Business Mastery, and she has been invited to the Mastermind Class EDC in Nov 2020.

PX Event Producer